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Our Mission


     To provide clients a supportive and integrable service that will help them optimize their life and well-being.  We devote our lives to providing excellent service to our clients and providing clients with a non-medication and non-invasive way to increase well-being and optimize the brain.


About the Company

​    NeuroSync was created by Shay  Liverant with the intent to help people.  We provide a non-invasive way to balance and harmonize the brain.  Our services will help people with pain relief, depression, stress and anxiety relief, addiction issues,  performance enhancement and much more.  This technology has endless potential and aims to help people with all sorts of health, wellness, fitness, and spiritual concerns.



About Us


Shay Liverant BA, CPT, CMBPT, CNC

Certified Brainwave Technologist


I have been studying Alternative Medicine for more than 25 years and  I have multiple certifications in the health and fitness industry from of the top schools- ACE, NASM, ACSM, IFPA, AAAISMA, AFFA, and many more.  I possess a Bachelors degree from the University of Phoenix and I am a Professional/Certified Brain Trainer and Wellness Coach.


My passion in life is to help people become the best person they can be by helping them to realize their gifts, attributions, talents, and purpose for life.  Like many of the people I work with, I have endured loss, heart ache, pain, illness, etc, and with the help of Brain Training and Wellness Coaching, a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and a fantastic support system, I have found balance and harmony.





Live Life Without Limits!






















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